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General Questions

  1. What is the output format of the transcripts?

    Transcripts are in Word format

  2. How do you deliver the transcripts?

    Transcripts are delivered via the email provided by the client in the order form and in the contract. E-mails pertaining to transcription projects as provided by the client are never divulged to any third party in any manner as stated also in the Non-disclosure Agreement.

  3. How do you use my personal information?

    Personal information is only for transcript submission, billing and project status update pursposes only. They are never shared to any  third party in any manner as stated also in the Non-disclosure Agreement.

  4. How do you use my audio materials?

    Your audio materials are used for transcription purposes only. Audio files are deleted after transcription is done for each audio file. Audio/video/document materials sent for transcription are never  shared to any third party in any format, in any manner. It is also adviseable to secure a non-disclosure agreement by signing the Independent Contractor Agreement that includes the Non-Disclosure Agreement sent to you after requesting for a service quotation.

  5. My question is not listed here.

    Please feel free to contact Jane.

  6. What is the assurance of the delivery of your service?

    An Independent Contractor Agreement which also includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement is provided as inclusion in the client's requested service quotation. Acceptance of the quotation is done with electronic signature. The contract included in the quotation sent as requested is respected and honored by the Independent Contractor. It is legally binding.

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